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Vadouvan d'or

Golden Spice

Let your tastebuds escape to the French Riviera of India and explore the one of a kind cultural French-Indian experience that our Vadouvan d'or - Golden Spice Blend - brings to your dishes.

Originating in Pondicherry, the Indian seaside town with a French Colonial influence, Vadouvan d'or means 'golden spices dried in the wind' and is a unique mix of exotic Indian spices and classical French ingredients.  

Traditionally, Vadouvan is prepared then spread out to dry in the hot South-Indian sun over 12-14 days.  We have updated this method for our climate and carefully prepare the melange of Indian spices and French ingredients with a slightly shorter one-day process.

Our Vadouvan d'or spice blend will bring a beautiful flavor to your vegetables, meats, chicken and seafood as well as any coconut or cream-based dishes with a subtle symphony of flavor.

A small amount will go a long way, yet not overpower your culinary creations.  

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